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  • two post lift

    4T Two Post Grantry Lift, With asymmetrical Lifting arms

  • car hoist

    5T Two Post Grantry Lift, With asymmetrical Lifting arms

  • Infared lamp

    Infrared Paint Drying Lamps  with 2 Lamps, power 2000w

  • scissor lift

    3 Tons Horizontal Scissor Lift , Installed under the ground, With automatically Pneumatic safety lock, With rubber pads for protection, Electronic adjustment for two platforms of same height

  • Car Body Repair System

    Automatic Car Body Repair System is a complete dent pulling kit for steel car body, indispensible for dent pulling of small, medium, and big chocks

  • Auto spot welder

    Traditional Spot Welding Machine allows welding monopoint 1 face with a gun for small repairs, hammered, patchwork and nails poses, pins, discs, rivets

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